What are the different types of hospital beds and what are their uses?

In a hospital or medical establishment, many different types of beds are used. Different types of beds are used for different types of situations and patients’ conditions and they serve different purposes of treatments. For first-time buyers, it can be confusing to understand what type of hospital bed they require along with which functions. Let’s try to understand what purpose each one of them can serve.


General Ward Bed

General Ward Beds are the most elementary type of hospital bed. They only involve a sheet of metal, a frame and a mattress for the patient. Due to this simple composition, a general ward bed is also sometimes referred to as a “Sheet Cot”.

This type of bed is generally found only in basic hospital wards and it is used for patients to rest and recover.


Semi Fowler Bed

A Semi Fowler Bed is equipped with the functionality to lift the back-rest section of the bed.

These beds can also be equipped with easy lifting or collapsible side rails to ensure patient safety. Stainless Steel or ABS are often used for the head and foot panels. The mechanism to lift the back-rest could be manually operated by a crank, a hydraulic gas spring or even an electric actuator system.

Semi Fowler beds are typically deployed in wards and some private rooms at a hospital.


Fowler Bed

Fowler Beds are based on the Fowler’s position, an inclined position in which the head of the bed is raised to promote dependent drainage after an abdominal operation. A fowler bed, also known as a 2-function bed, is equipped with the functionality to lift the back-rest as well as the knee-rest section of the bed. Even here, the mechanism could be mechanical, hydraulic or electric.

Fowler beds are also generally used in private rooms at most hospitals.


3 Function Bed

 A 3-function bed includes the functionalities of Fowler beds and features height raising and lowering functions too. This technical function can be especially beneficial for elder patients that have difficulty getting in and out of bed.

3 Function beds are usually found in emergency care rooms as well as ICU rooms.


5 Function Bed

A 5-function bed is inclusive of the functions of a 3-function bed and also has features like reverse and forward tilt functions. With the use of these functions, the entire bed can be tilted forwards or backwards. A 5-function bed is useful for patients with limited mobility or paralysis.

5 Function beds are generally found in ICU and higher-end patient rooms as they have the most functions. These beds are also known as ICU beds.


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