Eye Health Tips for Safe Diwali


Diwali is the most iconic festival of dazzling light, elegant color and the huge display of fireworks lighting up the dark sky and gives a grand, glorious look. Although it is mesmerizing, fireworks can be unsafe and that can result in an emergency situation during the festive season.

After hands and fingers, the most affected body part is the Eye and accounts for mild to severe injuries, and even loss of sight. The leading cause of majority of eye injuries is the lack of appropriate safety measures while lighting fireworks.

Eye Care Tips To Ensure Safe Diwali

  • Avoid rubbing eyes

Don’t rub the eyes if there’s irritation by smog/ foreign particles. This can damage the cornea and create lodging of the foreign body in the visual center.

  • Safe way to play

Always burn firecrackers in open outdoor areas and dispose used ones properly by soaking in a bucket of water before disposal.

  • Precaution for Contact Lens Wearer and Usage of Protective EyeWear

Those who wear Contact Lens must abstain themselves from wearing them during burning firecrackers play. It can cause severe irritation due to continuous exposure of severely high temperature from sparklers as high as 1000 degree Celsius – high enough to melt gold and cause serious injury. Instead of contact lenses use Protective Eye Wear which can be in a form of spare glass. This gives a better protection.

  • Safe Distance, Save Sight

Burn Crackers with long incense sticks/ candles and from an arm’s length. Be a By Stander/ Player from a reasonably safe distance i.e. at least 5-6 meters. Practice prescribed caution while lighting fireworks and don’t try to re-ignite or get closer to the misfired cracker immediately.

Combating Eye Emergency Situation

Keep first – aid, a bucket of cold water, sand and blanket handy for combating emergency situations. In a misfortunate situation, the following steps can be undertaken before visiting a clinic:

  • Wash hands thoroughly before touching your eyes
  • Wash your eye profusely with cold running water
  • Avoid rubbing the eyes
  • In case of bleeding eyes, patching it with sterile cotton eye pads will minimize the exposure and can save further damage.
  • Rush to the nearest Ophthalmologist / Optometrist/ Eye Clinic/ Eye Hospital right away rather wasting time on self- help care or over-the-counter medicinal advice.

Eye Injury Variations

All types of Crackers are harmful and they can be seriously dreadful for our eyes. The most common form of eye injuries are:

  • Physical injuries caused by the velocity/ intensity with which a cracker hits our eyes, mostly which happens in cases of Rockets.
  • Chemical injuries can also be caused due to the smog produced by the crackers and their built up.
  • Thermal injury too, by the tremendous amount of heat generated by the crackers.

Wishing you a very Happy & Safe Diwali from Medikabazaar! 



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