Family Doctors on the Front Line

The family doctor, the name speaks for itself. He had always been there for granny, for your dad, when your sister was expecting her first birth, or when the dog had given you a nasty bite. He was the first guy you called when you were coughing in the covid times. A conversation with him over the phone puts you at ease. He orders the diagnosis test when it is necessary, after all, he was there for your birth too. 

The family physician has been an integral part of your life.  He is your go-to man for anything and everything and from anywhere and everywhere. They understand your physiology and anatomy, what medicines work on you, and which ones you should avoid. He knows the experts in the town and is a strong referral when an expert is needed.  

The concept of a family doctor is prevalent across the country. The acceptance and awareness of medical insurance and the availability of quality medical care have driven patients towards central, team-led patient care. However, the first line of defense remains the family physician. 

The internet and the eCommerce boom have impacted the medical industry too. Information is now just a swipe away. We can look up medical professionals, available facilities and care, and order medicines from the comfort of our homes. The mental comfort rests with the family physician only.  

Family physicians are familiar with a family’s complete medical history. They know allergies, injuries, challenges faced in the past, and how they may map to the present symptoms and conditions. The comfort level makes it easy for the patient to discuss confidential aspects of his/her health with the family physician. The family physician may also treat the patient as a part of his/her family and advise for or against certain medication or therapies to be pursued. The family physician creates a routine for health checkups and helps you follow the same with timely reminders. As the person reaches middle age, the family physician will even advise screenings for specific diseases at the right time. 

There is a wrong notion that family physicians, who are general physicians by qualification, are only useful for treating the common cold, cough, fever, and mild infections. This is not true as their exposure makes them a jack of all trades. They gain through their experience. The family doctor can cover a wide range of requirements such as immunizations, and minor surgical processes, and handle serious conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, chronic pain etc. This way, the family physician is able to provide ‘holistic care’ and not be relegated to primary care as most people think. 

Various studies have been conducted outside India on what is the value-add brought by a family physician. It’s found that family doctors can save lives by making the right recommendations and in the process, save a lot of money and hassle too. Having a family physician means reduced hospitalization, less duplication of work, better access to specialized healthcare, and coordinated patient care. 

It’s obvious from the above that having a family physician has both short-term and long-term benefits. We from Medikabazaar salute all the Family Physicians for their endless efforts and practices towards the frontline activities done selflessly, we also have all the necessary tools like Stethoscopes, wound dressing materials, antibiotics, etc. for performing your daily tasks without any hindrances. We are at arm’s lengths for you whether you are the first line of defense or the last.  

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