Top 5 Endomotors in the market today

Rotary endodontic is an efficient procedure for root canal therapy. It successfully replaced the traditional root canal process in which dentists used hand instrumentation methods. In this technique, they used multiple hand files in a reaming and filing motion. Endomotors are devices which are used in rotary endodontic procedures where dentists have to use only one file to shape the root canal appropriately.

Top 5 Endomotors in the market today

There are multiple types of endomotors with varied specifications. However, there are particular ones which are a cut above the rest. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Dentsply X Smart: This device is made specifically for NiTi rotary instruments. It can be used, both electrically and with batteries. It comes with an LCD screen that clearly displays the vitals during the endodontic process. It has 9 memory programs which makes it easy for dentists to maneuver the speed, gear ratio, torque, and gear rotation. It has a speed range of 120-800 rpm and torque range of 0.6-5.2 Ncm.
  • WaldentEndoPro Cordless Endomotor: This device allows for smart optimization during advance endodontic procedures. It has an appropriate head size which enables dentists to get a good view and perform their functions more efficiently. It is a third-generation device with 16:1 gear ratio and automatic reverse and forward modes.
  • IonyxEndy 6200: This apparatus has a digitally integrated apex locator. It is a contra-angle handpiece with an internal measurement sensor. It is auto-connected with the file which is to be inserted. It comes with 12 memory programs which give the dentists an array of choices which they can choose from according to the file system. It has a speed range of 100-500 rpm.
  • Marathon A Class: This is a cordless device which renders more comfort and ergonomics during its usage. Its reciprocating system has two modes: forward and reverse reciprocation. This is an additional feature along with the continuous rotation motion. It has 6 memory programs which include different modes, gear ratio, speed, and torque.
  • NSK Endo Mate DT: The Nippon Seiko Kabushiki-gaisha (NSK Ltd.) Endo Mate DT is specifically designed to work with most of the major brands of NiTi rotary files. The device consists of specific pre-programmed functions which can analyze the speed and torque characteristics of nearly 9 NiTi file systems. It comes with 3 auto-reverse functions: auto-reverse on, auto-reverse off, and auto-stop.

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