Medikabazaar Dental – India’s Trusted Platform for Dental Supplies and Setup

Through the journey of product discovery, price comparison, online consultation and purchase to doorstep delivery, here are the 5 reasons why hospitals and clinics would want to procure from Medikabazaar Dental:

  1. Range of supplies

Our strong on-boarding capabilities mean that we enjoy connections with suppliers from all over the country. A catalogue of 20,000+ products mean brick and mortar stores simply cannot match the supply capacity at which Medikabazaar operates. This is also partly because of the high standards that have been established for any brand wanting to compete in the digital world, in addition to the scope of our business operations. These factors end up becoming one of your greatest assets as a customer

  1. Cost benefits

With Medikabazaar, you can enjoy recurring cost benefits on bulk purchases with outside factors not likely to affect nature of your purchases with us. Additionally, value is added through numerous types of promotional offers, discounts due to the economies of scale, loyalty programs, reward schemes and other facets of cost benefits

  1. Exclusive products

Exclusive tie-ups with international brands that you as a customer can avail only with us. It is a huge benefit, especially when looking to invest in heavy, one-time equipment for an establishment. Of course, some might be small, but equally important

  1. Trust of BIG Brands

National and international industry giants choose Medikabazaar Dental to list their products and cover large segments of the dental market. 3M ESPE, Polaroid, Wookpecker, Kurr, Biolase, Dentsply Sirona; hundreds of brands available to leave no requirement unmet

  1. Last-mile delivery

With 26 Central Distribution and Fulfilment Centres already in place and a concrete plan to have 40+ bases by end of 2021, we are essentially covering the whole of India. Ease of shipping all over India through a well-established supply chain network and an efficient logistical fleet, the MBGo, it is easier to manage multi-chain clinics and ones established in not-so-accessible locations

  1. No Traps

Let’s face it.  Online portals have a reputation to protect, and we simply can’t afford to lose it. This holds true for all portals, including us. What this means is that products are sourced from registered, authentic manufacturers, and assured payments are made through secure gateways

Hospitals wanting a secure procurement process without the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and huge SKUs, and dentists wanting to focus on their core practice by enabling easy clinic setup up upgradation have a one-stop solution in Medikabazaar Dental.

Browse Medikabazaar Dental to buy dental products online.

Contact us at or +91-9707232323 for personalized requirements

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