Different types of Dental Gloves

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There are various types of dental gloves that offer a variety of advantages. But, one single type cannot provide complete protection for dentists. They should use specific gloves depending on the type of procedure undertaken.

The following are the types of gloves:

  • Rubber/plastic/synthetic gloves: These types of gloves can be used during cleaning or when working with oils, solvents, and other forms of chemicals
  • Nitrile gloves: These gloves are made of synthetic rubber and they are a perfect alternative to latex gloves that can cause allergies. They are puncture-resistant and have a high level of sensitivity. They can be worn for long hours and deal efficiently with high-risk procedures which comprise working with harmful materials. However, such gloves are not resistant to ozone, and UV rays
  • Vinyl gloves: These dental gloves are latex-free. They fit comfortably on the hands and are used for short-term procedures that are less risky. They work best when dealing with non-hazardous elements. They are slightly powered which makes it easy for dentists to wear them. These gloves are also cost-effective, but they provide reduced durability, elasticity and cannot be used with chemicals such as alcohol or chemotherapeutic drugs
  • Latex gloves: These gloves are made from a milky substance taken from rubber trees. They are economical and provide the best fitting. They also have a high sensitivity like its nitrile counterpart and are biodegradable. However, skin reactions are a drawback in these types of gloves. People with latex allergy may experience itchiness or get rashes or hives along with skin redness
  • Patient examination gloves: These gloves are used for conducting tests and other non-surgical procedures where the user comes in contact with mucous membranes. This prevents cross-contamination. They are also helpful in performing laboratory tests

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