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Medikabazaar Freedom: Medical Equipment Loan- Benefits, Features, and Eligibility

Introduction:   Medikabazaar is India’s fastest and largest growing digital platform and a single window solution catering to all requirements for setting up and running a medical facility. Setting up and running a medical facility, be it big or small, is a capital-intensive activity. While setting up the cost of medical equipment itself can run in crores, for example, the cost of a CT scan setup can cost around 3 crores. Besides the setup cost,...


Everything You Need to Know About Medical Equipment Financing

Introduction  Running a medical establishment is an expensive affair be it a hospital, Nursing home, Diagnostic center, Pathology lab centre, Specialty clinics (like skin and dental clinics), Dialysis centre, Endoscopy centre, IVF centre, the educational institute – medical/paramedical college, dental college, Large medical equipment dealer. Diagnostics plays a major role and doctors today like to leverage technology for preventive healthcare, precise disease stratification, therapy selection, and surgery. Imaging equipment alone can cost a fortune....