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6 Ways to Style your Medical Scrubs Fashionably

The healthcare industry has never been associated with fashion and style and is not the most glamorous of professions. This is an industry where every human, whether poor or rich relies on in their tough times. The doctors and nurses know the number of hours they have to be on their feet in stressful situations and therefore comfort is a big concern when it comes to medical wear to sustain long hours of duty...


The scrubs- From functional to setting trends in comfort and style

Medical scrubs are second skin if you are in health care. The scrub clothing needs to go through a complete makeover when it comes to the choice of cloth, the color, and the fit. Scrub clothing need not be limited to doctors and nurses. Medical institutions should provide their staff with color-coded scrubs clothing as medical uniforms. The scrub uniforms are easy to maintain and less expensive than the conventional uniforms. Recent surveys with...