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Revolution of Wheelchairs in India and the different types of Wheelchairs

Wheel-chair has been providing mobility to people with special needs from the time they have been invented. Wheel-chairs improve the quality of life and facilitate their social life and improve their physical health. The recorded use of wheelchairs dates back to the 17th century. The US market started producing wheelchairs in the 19th century during Industrial revolution. In 1932 disabled American mining engineer Herbert A. Everest and American mechanical engineer Harry C. Jennings introduced...


Audioservice As Xs 12 G2 (Rc,Bt)

 Micro Bte With Battery Size 312  Programmable Push Button  32 Signal Processing Channels / 16 Frequency Channels  6 Hearing programs.  Data Logging  Wireless  Anti-Feedback System G2  Noise Manager Incl. Impulse Suppressor  Adaptronic Multi-Microphone System  Omni-Directional  Directional Static  Automatic  Adaptive Frequency-Selective  Panorama  Speech 360 Description: Audioservice As Xs 12 G2 Bte The High-End Hearing Systems With Tech Level 12 Technical Features Offer Comprehensive Solutions For Customized Hearing System Fitting. The Xs Model Is The Smallest...