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World Health Day: Necessary Changes in Lifestyle to Prevent Health Risks

It’s almost time when things are coming back to normal, World Health Day couldn’t have come at a better time! Two years back the coronavirus had sparked and the panic mode was on around the world. The day in and out multiplying infectious patients within a short period of time had put the entire healthcare sector under pressure of performance and deliverance. With still the pandemic going on, diseases like heart, cancer, asthma are...


Your Ultimate Guide on How to live with Chronic Kidney Disease

CKD also called as Chronic kidney disease or chronic kidney failure involves a gradual loss of kidney function. The major role of kidneys is to filter wastes and excess fluids from blood, which are then removed via urine. Chronic kidney disease at advanced stages can cause the accumulation of dangerous levels of fluid, electrolytes, and wastes to build up in the body. In the early stages of chronic kidney disease, there are few signs...


Battling Cardio Vascular Diseases in a post-Covid era world with Technology

With the emergence of COVID-19 as an all-consuming pandemic, cardiovascular disease (CVD) still remains the world’s number one killer, resulting in 18.6 million deaths a year. CVD can be attributed to many causes: from smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity, to air pollution, and less common conditions such as cardiac amyloidosis.   During the early days of the pandemic, epidemiologists observed that compared to general population, people with cardiovascular disease (CVD) were more...