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Belmont 3-Spike Disposable Set

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• 120 ml fluid reservoir with 250 micron filter and an hydrophobic filter for air removal
• 3-bag spikes
• Heat exchanger assembly
• Pressure chamber assembly
• 54 inch patient line with injection port

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• Consists of 3-bag spikes, 120 ml reservoir chamber with coarse filter, pump tubing, heat exchanger, pressure chamber with air debubbler, 54 inch patient line, interface to temperature and pressure sensors.
• The set is ready to use to warm and rapidly infuse blood or replacement fluids into patients.
• It also consists of swivel luer connectors allowing for rapid replacement of the fluid reservoir with the optional 3.0 Liter Reservoir.
• It is to be used with the Belmont® Rapid Infuser, FMS2000 and RI-2 only.


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