ALLIED MEDICAL Jupiter Ventilator with compressor



  • Stand-alone easy to use unit which can be adapted universally with anesthesia machines for use in closed/Bains circuit.
  • Mains and battery operated.
  • The bar graph displays dynamic airway pressure showing upper and lower pressure limits.
  • Settable parameters - BPM, I:E ratio, and pressure limits.
  • Built-in audio visual alarms
ALLIED MEDICAL Jupiter Ventilator with compressor
ALLIED MEDICAL Jupiter Ventilator with compressor

Effective ventilation, extra reassurance

  • The calibrated ascending bellow provides immediate visual information on the delivered tidal volume, adequacy of fresh gas flow, and system leak if any.
  • The bellow unit is easily detachable for cleaning purpose and it can be mounted separated if required.

Inverse Ratios

  • The ventilator has the ability to adjust substantially when clinical conditions require inverse I:E.

Inspiratory flow cut off

  • The inspiratory phase changes to expiratory in case the dynamic pressure reaches the high-pressure limit. High-pressure Audio-visual the alarm will also be activated.

Apnea alarm/ low airway pressure alarm

  • If the dynamic pressure fails to go above the low-pressure limit within 15sec, then the low airway audio-visual pressure alarm will be activated.
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