Aerojet Steriz (Ss. Tank Model) Fogging Machine with timer

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Features : " Compatible with wide range of (H2O2 based) fogging solutions & environment disinfectants. " Enables fast & safe aerial fumigation process. " Generates ultra fine (sub micron sized) dry fog of non wetting aerosols disinfecting large spaces uniformly. " Delivers 90% more thrust & spread than any other fogging machine. " No wet surfaces, Non-wetting aerosol fog safe for equipments. " Validated for bio decontamination in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, veterinary & food sectors. " Fumigation is delivered as a dry vapour allowing furniture to be also subjected to the decontamination process. " Cost effective, and competitively priced. " Used in : Operating theatres, recovery rooms, ICUs, mortuaries, general wards, ambulances, IVF facility Laboratories, clinics etc. " It is equally useful for disinfection of ducts and HV/AC systems. " Facilities can range from very small rooms to large areas
Aerojet  Steriz (Ss. Tank Model) Fogging Machine with timer
Aerojet  Steriz (Ss. Tank Model) Fogging Machine with timer
Specification : " AEROJET STERIZ (SS. tank model):- With TIMER (0-60MIN) " Power Supply: 220V AC. 50 or 60 hz " Aerosols: Submicron size( non wetting) " Spread & Reach: 50 ft. distance & 25.ft, height " Space Treatment: Upto 15000 cu. It. " Treatment of 100 sq. area: 400ml. disinfectant solution " Nozzle Assembly: Non clogging design- Stainless Steel needle non reactive Engg. plastics. " Precision Metering System: 50 ml/ minute. " Solution Tank & Lid: 5 Litre Stainless Steel Gr. 304 (Autoclavable) Liquid Filling Nipple - SS 304 OR Engg. " Silicon Tubing : Complies to FDA& USP CLASS VI. " Machine handle and Mounting Ring Strainer : Stainless Steel " Liquid Line Connectors Hardware : Stainless Steel " Intake Air Filter: Uniquely designed Two layers for dust & fog separation " Machine Weight: 7.0 kg portable. (with SS Tank set)
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