0610-AA. (Aphaeresis Couch)

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Technical Details:
Arm Rest -length/width: 550 mm / 150 mm
Laying surface -length/width: 2210 mm / 610mm
Entry/Sitting Height: 610 mm
Arm Rest Clearance: 610+ mm
Castors with Total Locking: 100 Ø mm x 4
Product Color (Epoxy Powder Coated): RAL-7035
Upholstery: Hand crafted, Spl Moulded Pu foam 3 inchcovered with WP covering
Electrical: 230v, 50Hzs and 24v operation
Activation: Hand set- 6 Button for couch activation
Configuration: Head up/dn, Leg up/dn, Seat Tilt, Terendlenberg / Rev Trendlengberg Arm Rest up/dn. Arm rest up/ dn / tilt movements
0610-AA. (Aphaeresis Couch)
0610-AA. (Aphaeresis Couch)
    Dialysis Couch:
  • A Three section modular design for excellent comfort, patients for relaxed sitting and laying even for longer treatment periods with independent arm rest movements.
  • Equipped with Standard Drives, Electrical system for ultimate safety for the patient / couch for use in wide Areas of medical treatment.
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